Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Boo-Ween... Do you celebrate?

Around our house Halloween is a full month affair and we call it Boo-Ween! I got out most of the decor yesterday and will pick up the hay bales and corn stalks this weekend for the front porch. Such a fun month to start fluffing the house for the upcoming holidays and the start of friends dropping by for cups of cocoa and visits around the fire pit.

Being a "hostess-with-the-mostess" type I like to send all of our guests home with a little something so this month I designed something to help chase off those chapped lips and cheeks that come with being out-doors in the fall. I am calling them Chap-Flaps and they are the perfect and festive way to keep up with your lip balm during this active social month.

The collection contains three quick to run in-the-hoop designs and is made to run on felt or stabilized woven fabric. Included are three versions. 1 black cat, 1 sweet little ghost and 1 simple-run file for use with printed Halloween fabrics. If using craft felt the cost is less than FIVE CENTS per Boo-Chap!!! How is that for " easy on the wallet"? Locally I have found Chapstick sized lip balms at my Dollar store for 4-$1.. that means each little gift is less than 30 cents each! At that price I can make a ton of them to give to everyone who stops by! But come real close and I will tell you a secret... for people who I am really close to I am filling these with Burt's Bees lip balm.. it's divine!

This is the perfect fun little gift for office mates, party favors or if you are feeling really extravagant you can do them up for a whole class of kids as a school party treat! These fast running files make it totally possible to make all the Boo-Chaps you could need in one evening of easy in-the-hoop sewing. Past the obvious fabric and thread all you need is 1/8 inch grommets and some ribbon.. how easy is that? Enjoy the season! You can find this collection and many others for sale in my Fresh Thread Store Oh.. and if you act fast.. the Boo-Chap collection is just $5 for the first week.. After that the collection will go up to $10
Oh... ooooooo I almost forgot! Included with this collection is a very special gift to you that includes 2 styles of gift hang tags in PDF format that you can print on card stock and add to your little gift so you can be a "hostess with the mostess" too!

**and one more tiny note... in the above photo the Chapstick is pulled out for visual effect.. actually the chaps fit fully and securely down in the Chap-Flap- in case you were wondering.

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