Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In the Hoop Applique

As promised I am going to show you how I do in-the-hoop applique for the Java Wrapz. (above) First I cut out square of fabric that I know will be big enough to cover the circle area .. the applique circles are 2.5 inches in diameter so I usually cut at least a 3 inch square. On the back of that I iron on a square of Heat n' bond lite ( Remember to then pull off the paper back after ironing.. do this right away.. don't ask me how I now ~sigh~)
Run the positioning stage and then lay down your fabric and let it run the first stage of the tack down. Now remove the hoop from the machine and cut away the excess fabric with applique or other suitable scissors.

At this stage you have two choices.. since your fabric is in the hoop it's not possible to use a conventional iron to activate the heat n' bond and you will have to do it after your item is removed from the hoop. But if you happen to have a Clover mini-iron ( see below) ironing in the hoop will be a fast and easy process assuring you perfect applique registration. **Please note.. this iron takes a full 10 minutes to heat up but DO NOT set it to high... high is more than enough to totally melt poly thread ( again... ask me how I know!)
Now run the zig-zag or e-stitch of the file and check for alignment.. if any things seems off give it another trim at this time.

Run the rest of your applique steps and if needed give it an ironing after all is said and done. Easy huh?
Next time we will talking about fixing little boo-boos like you can see on the *J* applique.

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