Saturday, October 24, 2009

woo hoo... doing the Happy dance

Excuse me if I gush a bit... but today I made room for a new " baby" in my studio.. Isn't she a beauty? She is a Bernina 830 and I brought her home today. I suspect she is going to make my 6 needle a bit jealous.. but I swear that I have enough love for both of them!

In other news.. it's the last 24 hours for the Java Wrapz at their introductory price. After the weekend is over the price goes up to $20.

And in a bit more coffee related news .. for those looking to pick up a bit more embroidery business this might help. Today I just spoke to a local independent coffee house that is placing an order for multiple Java Wrapz with their company name on them.. they are going to sell some and give others to some of their more devoted customers during the holiday season. So think about making up a great looking Wrapz.. and take it by your local upscale coffee house and see what sort of business you can dig up for yourself.. you might be surprised!

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