Saturday, October 17, 2009

Get your " geek" on...

Most of my little boys are very science minded.. some might even call them " geeks", one of the things they consider fun is balancing chemical equations..go figure! For such boys no simple little alligator on a shirt will do so I had to come up with the just the right little something .. and what is more geeky than a little robot!
My little boys love it and that has been great but what has surprised me is the number of teens and older guys who covet the little bot! Who knew robots were such a hot item! Little Bot is about 1.33 inches tall and two colors. He runs in about 2 minutes. Here he is in steel color with black but he is lots of fun in bright colors too! To assure that he runs well I use a stout cut away on the back and a piece of non-soluble tearaway on top. He is yours to download for the next few days, after that he will be stored in the Progressive Thread files so if you want him after this weekend you will need to join that group to have access to him. Happy Stitching! Download the Pes 8 file here.

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carol said...

Fun site, I just saw your link to your site from the Yahoo Group for Pro Machines. Love it the bot is too cute. Fun way to advertise. Carol from MN