Wednesday, December 2, 2009

From the other side of the studio...

People often write and ask me about my studio and my machines so I thought I would give you just a tiny peek in my creative haven. While embroidery is close to my heart so are other art forms and part of my studio is dedicated to my jewelry making... and very soon in the future you will see where these two passions are going to intersect! ( hint hint!) This is a late night shot of my not so tidy space where I am working on a new soldered piece for a dear lady I know.. it's a celebration of her physical recovery from some rather daunting medical challenges..

It still needs more work.. including, some silver gleam, and major sanding, shaping and buffing but I think it's going to come out quite well. The piece of china is beautiful fragment I had and always thought that is was just right for her  and I think it's sort of off center wonky look is just right for the piece.

Do remember that tonight in the end of the Cath Kidston drawing for the kitchen organizer.. so  do make sure to go back to that post and add your name to the drawing by just clicking on the word COMMENTS at the bottom of the post.

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Anonymous said...

My most memorable meal was when I was going with my husband and we had invited my 3 kids and spouses to dinner. I handed him a bag of carrots to peal and slice. He asked "Well, how many?" I said "all" was a 5# bag, and he about fell over, especially when I said we would run out....which we did.

Marilyn in MN