Thursday, December 17, 2009

Missing... Miss Bailey

Dear all... thank you so much to all of your who have written me  off list to expresse your concern and offer your ideas for lost pet location.  We still have not found her and as soon as the heavy rains clear we will be back out today to put up more posters.  I was told by the kennel staff that since she is a pure breed I have less of a chance of getting her back since people often keep pure breed that they find... even with collars on!. This makes me so sad.  But she is chipped and if they take her to the vet and they chip is found we will know.
Our very own Miss Bailey has gone missing and we are just heartbroken. She got out sometime yesterday afternoon and  has gone on walk-about.  Please keep us in your thoughts as we continue our search. ~much like those computer aged photos of missing children you see on milk cartons, you will need to add 10 pounds and 4 years to the photo to know our true girl.. but her spirit is true and we miss her so much.

She did have on her collar and she has been micro chipped, we are putting up posters and have called all the local socities and vets.  We will keep looking and keep praying.. we want her back home. We got Baily on Christmas day 10 years ago next week... not sure how to work without her lying on my feet while I am at my desk. ;-(

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