Friday, December 25, 2009

New Year Dishes

For me the week after Christmas is all about taking some time to get my life back on track. To clean up the messy details from the previous year. Fluff the house, clean the deep cubbies of my desk and make plans for the coming year. One of my goals for this year is to really look at my stuff and decide what I really like and what is really clutter. I want to live and work with the things that make me happy, that make my heart sing. So room by room I am going through the house and getting rid of things that don't meet the mark. I am also finally going to get my studio finished and hope to take you along on that adventure in the coming year ( it's going to be a big project!)

But for today I am starting small. I am sorting dishes that I love and packing up those that no longer reflect who I am. These happen to be two of my favorites and I was struck by how pretty they looked resting there in the draining basket and how well they go together even though they were never meant to. It made me understand the "rightness" of living with what you love...and it's my mantra for the new year.

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