Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hang Tag Hiccup

Thank you to everyone who has already ordered Valentine's Lovie. Over 50 orders went out last night when to my horror I noticed that I did not pack the hangtag file in the zipfile so I am sending the files out as quick as I can but if you have not gotten yours or if you just need a cute Valentine's Hangtag then please feel free to click HERE  to get a pdf full sheet copy of the tags.

And as long as I am here I thought I would answer a question I received the other day about how I get my tags to look so nice with just a regular home printer. I guess I do have a couple of tricks and am happy to share them :
1) A corner clipper. Perfect rounded corners in the blink of an eye

2) Printing on quality card stock

3) Using the photo setting on my printer

4) Finishing the tie hole with an eyelet

That's about it... anyone can get create wonderful cards with just these few tips.

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