Sunday, December 6, 2009

Houston we may have a problem....

Dear all... I am soooooooo sorry about the rash of bad links that have plagued my blog over the past few days.  Mostly just my links to my store due to the domian pointer that is in the process of  pointing someplace new very soon ( that was a big hint.. but more on that soon!).. in the mean time if you needed anything in the store you can get there by clicking  HERE and it will take you like all sorts of techie magic right to my Big Cartel Store front.   Now.. should you just happen to do that you will find that I am having a store wide " I am sorry that I am a techo-idiot sale" since..well it seems I am a techno-idiot and and just might be the person who caused the whole domain pointing mess ~ insert sheepish grin~

So there you go.. I mess up.. you save money.  If only all things in life were this easy to fix!

Much love and lots of thread,

p.s. the sale will only last till my guilt is gone... act quick.. I can be mercurial ;-)

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