Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blessed are the List Makers

Blessed are the list makers
 for they shall know that
there is T.P. in the house on
Christmas Day!

I am a list maker, and not just any list maker, I might be the freak queen of list makers and I am very particular about how I make my lists ( must write on every other line leaving space for related items that occur to me later... yeh, see told you!) .  After that the one holiday where we paid a kings ransom for one single roll of T.P. at the corner gas staion due to my poor planning for the holiday.. well let's just say that is NOT going to happen again! 

Like most I have woken this moring to make my list of things that must get done in these precious few days before Christmas.  And just for fun I have created this list sheet to share with you. It prints 2 to a sheets and I highly suggest printing it on card stock so it can take the wear and tear of the days ahead with ease.  Print 3 sheets and that will get you right up to the big day it's self.

You can download the file here   CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Just remember.. DON'T PANIC, with good planning you can get it all done.  And if while you are making out your list you come up short of gifts pop on by the FRESH THREAD store and take advantage of our DON'T PANIC SALE where you will find just about everything 1/2 price between now and Christmas. All Fresh Thread projects can be accomplished in under 30 minutes ( start to finsh..not just stitching time!) with most only taking 1/2 that time. So remember.. make that list, and DON'T PANIC!


Justine said...

Thanks Maddie!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Justine!.. hope it makes your days a little brighter!