Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Looking Towards the Future

My sewing is done, the groceries have been bought ( including T.P.!) so ready or not the holiday will swing into full gear around here starting tomorrow night with the beginnings of the people we want to see and gifts we want to give to those in our extended family. That will ease us into Christmas it's self and then the warm afterglow that will be the weekend after.

But of course being of the A.D.D. sort my mind is already spinning into next year and all the plans I have and things I need to get accomplished.. of course I will need a list for that so keep your eyes peeled for another fun printable to show up very soon! And since I am forever the tease.. I leave you with this photo.. giving you a sneak peek into the new year of designs here at Fresh Thread!

Keep Warm - Be Safe - Sew Happy!

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