Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sweet Memories

As a child I never had any of these sweeties.. but I have fond memories of friends having them on nursey lamps and as part of their childhood room decor.  I always found them strangley appealing so now when ever I run across them ( and it's not to often) I have to add them to my collection.

These little darlings are kept on a shelf in my studio year round.  I had a buy a whole pre-bagged assortment of really freaky  holiday ornaments just to get them ( don't worry..the whole bag was only $1).  I think I totally wigged out the  cashier lady when after the bag-o-ornaments was paid for I opened it up.. plucked out the three jewels and then asked her if  they "took donation".. she said yes and so I handed her back the rest of the bag and went on my way

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