Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sleep tight....

Update : The free files have now been removed, I hope that everyone who got them enjoys them very much!

Happy Holiday's everyone!   I know that lots of you are looking for easy projects to fill out your holiday lists and I think I might have just what some of you need. My new Sleep-Diva, In-the-hoop eye masks are ready to go. These have been created to sew out on the faux suede shearling that is so popular right now ( this fabric is also refered to as suede sherpa at some stores). If you have not worked with this fabric do give it a try. It's butter soft and this file stitches on it like a dream. But of course if you can't find any many other thick soft fabrics will do quite well.  Fluffy the poodle is modeling the Sleep Diva mask and holding the two other versions of the file.

Here is an upclose look at the mask. I can't begin to tell you how soft it is! And how fun would this be as a party favor for a bunch of little girls at a sleep over! The mask is sized just right for kids 8+ up to older teen girls and young women

But of course not all Diva's are human... this is my own Big-Diva being so kind as to model a mask while taking a snooze on the loveseat ( where he is not suppose to be!)

The complete 3 piece collection with full in color directions, and printable hangtags is available for sale at Maddie's Fresh Thread store for only $5

This introductory price good for this week only.

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Betsy said...

Thanks, Maddie. I think this diva might have use for the mask!

Happy holidays!