Tuesday, December 8, 2009

For Hattie... Tiny Tutorial on how to make a hanger dust cover

Making the dust cover is very easy and even easier if you use a pre-hemmed sheet or pillowcase! In my case I used a pillow case ( hahaha.. I made a pun!)   Lay the pillowcase ( or doubled fabric)  on your work surface and fold in half for center. positioning the hem edge for the finished edge of the project.  Trace around the upper profile of your hanger adding in a seam allowance and a tab of fabric at the top to tuck in around the neck of the hanger ( see that in the last photo)

Cut out your fabric and now is the time to add trim or a monogram. Here I used some vintage rick rack.. perfect match!  Got to love that!

Notice the tab at the top of the fabric.. when you sew up for dust cover leave that area unsewn... you will tuck it into the cover after you turn your cover right side out.. this will give a nice finish to the opening for the hanger neck.   That's about all there is to it.  I haunt thrift stores for cool old sheets and pillow cases for this project. With a twin sheet you can do two hanger cover and still have more than enough fabric to do a matching laundry bag. Not bad from a sheet that coast $1 from the Thrift! :)

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