Sunday, April 11, 2010


Dear all, I could not be more thrilled that you like my ID Charms and want one of your very own!  I am sending out the custom initial charms to yesterday's winners but have  another little surprise just for the conference goers.
For a limited time you can download a  AEC 2010 charm to festoon all of your conference gear.. be it your tools or your tote~

The file is here!

and now for a  down and dirty little tutorial on how to make them!

First  trace your 4x4 hoop on a piece of stiff interfacting ( like you might use in a structured purse or tote) or Easy Felt. You are doing this since this stuff is impossible to hoop!

Ok.. now hoop up a piece of  regular stablizer, lay in your piece of felt/interfacing and then a piece of fabric print side up! ( use embroidery spray adhesive to keep things in place)

Stitch out the file.. it will create 4 charms for you!  Now cut them out with pinking shears, close but not touching the satin stitching.

Now use Fray Check on the pinking edge for longer life ( this is optional but really makes them last much longer). After the Fray Check is dry punch a hole in them and set an eyelet if you have an eyelet setting tool ( I adore my Crop-a-file Big Bite! for such projects)

Thread them up and you are then ready to tie them on to all the stuff you really would like to come home with you!  Make sure to use a realy distictive fabric to make identification even easier!

But what you say??? you have no time for such foolish bits when you don't even have your dainties washed and ready for the trip???... Have no fear... I have mutliple  premade charm sets that I will be giving away at the conference to people I spot wearing the Fresh Thread Pebble pin!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the ID Charms for AEC. I hope to get them done along with the pin.


Judy Brennan said...

Thank you so much, Maddie! These are adorable!

Judy Brennan - Overland Park, KS