Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hidden in Plain Sight

 Well it seems that along with lots of sewing goodies I also brought home a cold which has my brain more than a bit fuzzy but I did want to share this with you.  I have been keeping a keen eye on the SewMamaSew blog since it's quilting month, and  getting all sorts of inspiration!

Last night I was staring at a beautiful Jelly Roll of Free Bird by Moda and this image just popped into my head .. next thing I knew I was 1/2 way done. I hand cut the appliques as sort of an orgaic quiliting expereince. I then did a bit of silly quilting on it and now it's ready to be run through the wash before I decide if it's going to be  hot trivet or a pillow front. 

I am thinking of replicating this as an Embroidery Adventure design... what do you think??
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Anonymous said...

I like the block, I see a pillow but what about a quilt. Nice to meet you at AEC. Vita

Maddie said...

Thanks Vita, It was great to meet you too!

Anonymous said...

Wow its gorgeous! well done. Marcelle

Robyn - Coffee and Cotton said...

Love it! I have a charm pack of Free Bird now I have ANOTHER idea for it :)

a.niza said...

looks lovely...even lovelier if it becomes a pillow. nice work!

Ashley said...

Super cute!!