Sunday, April 4, 2010

Color Theory

One of the better parts of embroidery is having lots and lots of thread to play with.  If I mentioned how much thread I own it might seem like bragging.. but please trust me it's not. It's more like some sort of fiber based mental illness with no DSM code at this time!

Getting to play with this much thread on a daily basis is indeed fun and it gives me a very wide range of  choices when it comes to design..  Putting threads together for a project is one of my favorite parts and not one I take lightly, or maybe I do. I take it lightly as to think that YOU my dear have your own opinion on what color " flesh" is .. and what color red would tickle your fancy, so often you will not see specific brand or color charts with my designs since I trust that you have your own ideas about what looks great together and I encourage you to play with lots of color combinations and not just stick with what I picked for sample items on the blog. 

But all of that said.. if you ever want to do a quick color consultation don't feel shy about droping me a line or givng me a call... like I said.. I love this stuff and am happy to help!

** and please note, I don't think you should color coordinate your chickens and your embroidery.. I think chicks are generally best left a sweet yellow :)... not to mention I think that little blue one might be itching for a fight.

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