Saturday, April 17, 2010

Inspiration, AEC style

Long ago and far away I was a teen who was forced to take  a dance class where all the "young ladies" were not to dance with the same boy more than 1 time in a row and thus we were to have "dance cards" to which the young men ( also forced to be there) were to sign in order that we knew with whom we were to dance with next.  Now mind you I am a child of the late 60"s and 70"s, and that is NOT the 1860's and 1870's so the idea of a dance card was about as popular as wool knickers! and yet  now that I think back I wish I had those cards so I could remember those young men since these days I am lucky to remember my own head when rushing aboutgetting ready for such an event as the AEC.

With that in mind I designed this little printable for you to fill out the things you want to remember~ Maybe it's something you want to buy or it's the  people you want to find while you are at the AEC.   It seems that the time passes so fast while we are there that we don't want to miss a minute ( or a cool product!) and these might help.

Bundled with this file is also an AEC packing list that might help you make sure you get everything packed and out the door when it's time to go.

CLICK HERE for the file.. it's a PDF so print it out on some nice thick cardstock and then cut them out and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Maddie,

Love the Dance Card. I am so bummed that I will not be there - I was signed up but my husband was admitted to the hospital on Thursday so I had to cancel my trip and it was going to be my first time. Oh well - I will get to hear about all the exciement on the list and your blog.

Linda Palmer

Kay said...

I have not been to your website in a long while....WOW! Let me just say that I continue to be blown away by your talent and creativity. Have a wonderful trip!