Thursday, April 8, 2010

More AEC fun!, for a good cause!

Ah!... fresh from the dryer in all it's wrinkley goodness is my donation for the Kids in Distress quilt raiser that will be going on at the AEC.  Maybe it's just me.. but I can work on a quilted piece and like it well enough.. but to me it's not " born" till after I have washed and dried it.

 I just love the way it pulls up.. soft wrinkles, snuggly... all the stuff that make me love it even more!  This quilt was more simple than I had planned but  being ill from January through March has a way of knocking the wind out of a lot of plans!.. so it's just a simple patch quilt with  green bias binding.. crib-sized and just right for a young child in need of the comfort of their very own blanket.  After the the photo but before packing it up for the trip I graced it with a blessing that it might comfort the child who needs to be wrapped in it, my thoughts and light will be with them.

Next.... packing for the AEC!


polly said...

What size did you make your squares? I just love the look of this quilt. I am just starting and thisn has the old fashioned look that I love. Thanks for your blog!

Maddie said...

Hi Polly, The squares are 3x3 finished so you start off with 3.5x3.5 blocks.


Anonymous said...

Maddie, some of the most beautiful things are the simplest. Love this quilt. I am sure some child will love it.