Thursday, April 1, 2010

Remake, Reuse, Redo!

One of the best things we can do with our wonderful embroidery machines is to remake and recycle clothing into something that feels fresh and new for the season. This skirt is a in-process example. The skirt was found at a local thrift store.  In it's found state it was a 1970's wrap skirt that hit about mid calf... which is possibly the least flattering length on anybody!..  not to mention that it was a size 10 and I am a very curvy size 14!

What it did have going for it was the most adorable retro strawberry and daisy print on a baby blue back ground.  So.. with a couple of quick swipes of the scissors I cut off the excess length.. cut off the ties and side bias binding and remade it into a simple A-line skirt with a red bias trim at the waist and hem.  I also added a simple back zipper with a small snap at the top.

This is a great skirt for walks in the park or just a day out shopping.  But to add that touch that only those of us with embroidery machines can I am making a matching shirt to go with my skirt.  Taking my cue from the fabric I have created a small strawberry and daisy motif to add to a purchased shirt to wear with my "new" skirt.  The key here is to add the embroidery in a way that steps it up from the ordinary.. so that means maybe I will put the motif near the t-shirt hem... or on the back shoulder or on the arm.  While middle of the chest placment might be your first thought, take a look at some the most expesive or trendy items  and you will see very little of the middle of the chest placment ... so think fresh and new and pop back in real soon to see my new shirt to go with my skirt!

p.s.  Yes those really are my calves... rock solid muscle but none too dainty eh???


Cookie said...

Love the skirt "remake" and strong calves united! I would love a closer look at that strawberry... Cutting off the ties and doing a zipper closure is an excellent thought, and it truly updates the look. You have me looking at my wardrobe closely and I found a few contenders for your suggestions. Thanks so much for sharing you UPCYCLE remakes! hugs, Cookie

Rabecca Larson said...

That is a calf-tastic remodel project! I love your shout-out to the calves, ha ha. The skirt is adorable. Two thumbs up! I would never have thought of the bias trim. It's perfect.

Thrift shops make me swoon. When I visit a new place, that's the first thing I look for. I'm so glad there are people willing to pay retail to support my habit of buying recycled! :)

Thanks for sharing so much inspiration on your blog. Love the little bird pin, too!