Thursday, July 29, 2010

I have some class

I am a saver.... like  magpie I have  hard time getting rid of stuff let alone not collecting more and from this I have a rather large stash of scrap fabric.. I have a certain way I store it that we will talk about later but for now just knowing that I can make lots and lots of holiday gifts from that stash is really comforting.

This project comes from the "strip bin" and while I would like to say in made  a real dent in that in you really can't tell I used any and I will have to make trivets for my whole county at this rate.  But look at those colors!.. happy huh?  I like the pop of the black on the colors but if you wanted something that more blended  a soft grey does the trick. 

I will be teaching a class in how to make these this Fall. I  will be teaching the the foundation skills that will move us on to making baskets and purses.. very cool.. yes?  But from that process the students will get really neat trivets, placemats and coasters all from their scrap baskets!

Want to take the class?  If you are in the Chattanooga area I will be teaching it this fall and would love to meet you!  I will be teaching at Chattanooga Sewing  (423) 899-3664 , call them a reserve your spot!

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polly said...

Love the trivet! How about a tutorial for us? Thanks for sharing!