Thursday, July 15, 2010

Studio visit.....

Welcome to my studio, a totally unvarnished look at the space where I spend quit a bit of time.  Right now I am in the middle of redoing the entire room in preparation for a new Longarm quilting machine ( for more about that go to  but things are going pretty slow.   I have about two days to kick it into gear am get it done before the machine frame gets here! (eek!)  Over all the main space of the room is 17 x27ish but broken up in ways that are not overly helpful!

This is a vew from the entryway..  you can see how far I have gotten with the flooring and what I still need to do. To your left you can see my dressmakers dummy ~ Fancy~.. right now the poor thing has purses slung on her.. not very fancy at all!  The open door next to fancy it the cabinet where I keep all my stamping and paper-good supplies ( yep.. I like scrabooking too!)  The long view is straight out to the screene- in porch off our second story deck.

Here is a shot of my paper craft area in an Vintage English kitchen cabinet.. next to that is my 6 needle machine which runs most of the day and sometimes into the night!
Moving right along you can see the blinds that are ready to be traded in for new curtains... I really like having the natural light over my work table but need to work on more "night light" to keep my work space lit up at night.  You can see a bit of my thread.. I have 6 other bins that I still need to buy racks for!
The view out the back door.  Next week the guys should be here to replace that slider with French doors like in the rest of the house.
Panning to the right is the open area that is waiting for the new Longarm. The big open wall will have my design wall in place....what a luxury!

Pan more to the right past the design wall and you get to my "sewing deck". To make more room my other sewing machines have been packed away but I do keep out my serger and my cover lock machine to use with my Bernina 830 ( embroidery module is not on right now)

Extra cart to my right holds all my sewing supplies for the machines.. it rolls so I can take it whereever I need it in the room. Those with eagle eyes will notice that my desk is up high and I use a drafting chair.. that mean my pedal is on the box... pretty sexy huh??

Sneak around the corner a bit and you can see my  design area with my imac and all my books and what not. I have been making the most of this built in since it was here.. but I see a time when I will want to have it removed. And look at that chair.. what a sad looking piece.. I need to do something about that!

My WAY ugly light fixture that must GO! and my pared down fabirc stash..  On the wall is one of my new quilt patternes for the embroidery machine..  Circles of the Sun. It's a whole cloth quilt with reverse applique done in the hoop.
a uhhhh horrifying up close look at my stash.. piles of vintage sheets and who knows what else.. but I have plans... so do check back in to see how the things come along as I update the room!

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lovemyberninas said...

I have some horrible light fixtures to get rid of also, not quite as ugly as yours, but probably equally poor at their job. I have a slider in my room I'd love to replace with a different type of door also...maybe I'll look into this. I'll just tell my dh it's all your fault!

Enjoyed seeing your 830 high in the sky...mine is the same way, but I have no chair or pedal box yet. Still trying to decide if I like it this way before I put out any money that might be better spent on fabric!

And as I already said in the post to the 8 Series will be so much fun to watch your room progress. Now, I'm off to unbury a bit more of my own studio.

Diane said...

You have a good large space and it's clear you use it! Who wants an unused, tidy sewing room anyway? Looks like it has great potential and will be wonderful with a long arm added!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the photos of your room. It helps to see how other people have solved storage problems. One of these days I'll get up enough energy to clean this place up--would help to find the things I just KNOW I have someplace. Thanks. Diane in CT

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed seeing your space. My sewing is not contained to one room so I walk around the house. Lighting becomes more critical as we age so I have strip lighting all over my sewing areas each with it own switch and directional lights to spotlight machines and areas. Just a note here that all these lights produced so much extra heat that a ceiling fan needed to be installed.

Anonymous said...

It will be so much fun to see when it is all done. You have great room, great light and great stuff, what more could a girl need.

Anonymous said...

Maddie, love the space you have! And what a treat to be able to walk out onto the upper deck to sit and reflect upon an idea or work out a problem in your mind. Once it is all finished and arranged, you will love it even more! And yes, I think that ugly light fixture needs to go! ggg Sue in BeltonTX

RB said...

Now that i have seen your sewing room i am jealous, i have a table, hutch, and that is it, i share half of the garage/basement with my husbands painting and flower arrangement area, and laundry room, and storage area and exercise equipment.So i am very jealous. I love the way you have used some old pieces.