Saturday, July 31, 2010

Taking some time to tidy things up.

Many of you have noticed that my store-front is now closed.  I have tried to remove all of the front page links but I am sure I did not get all of them.  Don't worry it's not forever and if there is something that you really need just drop me a note and I will make it possible for you to purchase the files. 

Basically it works this way.. I have one month until my kids start back to lessons ( yep, we homeschool) and during that time I will be getting them ready and revamping the store front with new files, links, hints and tips as well as getting my longarm business up and running all while continuing my embrodiery/monogram.  But to do all  that I need to close the store- front to make the changes easy to accomplish. I will still be blogging here and there is a good chance that I will have some cool freebies in the coming days so do check back so you can see the progress!

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