Friday, July 16, 2010

Step one!

Out with the really icky blinds!(see previous post) and in with some new flat panel custom window treatments!   These are made from some funky retro sheets that I had in my stash.. I love the way the light looks coming through them!  My view from this side of the house is not so great right now so this half panel mod style is just perfect for letting in the light but not the view!  My studio is on the second story from that side so privacy with this style of panel will not be a problem.

The construction was simple.. a top casing with the tension rod slipped inside and another smaller casing at the bottom with a small dowel rod inserted  to keep the fabric nice and flat.   30 minutes of work.. $0.. that is my kind of project!

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Anonymous said...

Nice job Maddie! Love the look!