Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Want another peek?

The machines are moving at a brisk pace here in the studio!  More Halloween fun in the making... got any guesses as to what #3 will be?

Also got this super cool organizer for my Hotfix stuff! 

But now I have a question.. where do you buy your Hot fix stuff?  I have gotten mine form a varied number of places but am still looking for a really good supplier with good prices but most of all good quality.. who do you like?


Anonymous said...

There's a HotFix yahoo group and she gives great discounts. It's a bulk buy group. Try there and see if you can get better prices there

Maddie Kertay said...

Thanks Hilary.. i will check that out!

Anonymous said...

Could #3 be a ghost?

Linda Palmer

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing #3 will be a witch or a black cat.