Thursday, July 29, 2010

A wee bit overblown...

No need to gasp... I know it's over blown.. and beyond the pale but oh how I do love it!  I happen to have two cameras and while I had made a strap for my trusty Fuji my Cannon was still looking pretty lean and plain so I went the whole nine yards and used some Texture Magic and made this cha-cha camera strap from some of my favorite leftovers of the vintage sheets I used to make the curtains in my office.

The center part of the strap is runched using the Texture Magic and a simple running stitch and the sides are all full and fancy due to using my ruffling attachment for my machine.  I am pondering whipping up a pattern for this.. what say you?? 

I am pretty sure my husband will never be able to use my camera again!


Anonymous said...

"I am pretty sure my husband will never be able to use my camera again!"
And for that thought alone, it is worth it to me to make that camera strap! I've tried the simple straps with my name embroidered on it in PINK, but it did not stop him. The ruffles certainly would. ; }
Lynn B.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it, you should definately make a pattern! And if it keeps my husbands hands off my camera, all the better, woo-hoo!!!
Dee Roberts

Anonymous said...

Hi Maddie,

Would love directions to make the strap - I have three camera's and I could color code them so I know which one I am picking up to shoot pictures.

Linda Palmer