Monday, July 5, 2010

Moving Right Along..

Hello, hello.. I hope that everyone is really enjoying their Summer so far.  Mine has been wonderful and  while I am not posting up any new collections right now I sure have not been sitting on my behind!  Lots of things going on... in no particular order....

I finished my king sized Wonky Logcabin quilt for my masterbedroom.  I love it and if i do say so it came out pretty darn well!

There were 30 main blocks and shashing so pretty simple design wise. It was moving around all that fabric for quilting that was a real bear. Soooooooo I decided that i needed one of these!

yep... late this week you will find a brand spanking new quilting machine in my studio.. I can't wait.

But in the mean time I will get a move on quilting my Tour de France challange quilt... what?.. you don't know about the challange?... yikes... well look on the right side of my page.. find the Coffee and Cotton "tour-challange" link and give it a click to learn more.

This is my first piece for the challange..  it's a wonky wheel all done in Kafe Fassett fabrics.  I did the center, off center to give it a sense of movement.. I think it worked!  I have it pinned and ready to quilt but do seem to be a bit stuck at this point since I don't know how I want to quilt it!  I hope inspiration strikes soon!

And since it has been whispered to me that I am no doing near enough embroidery I would like to point to this as evidence that I have not abandoned my machine... my second TDF challange piece uses reverse applique circles  which are made on the embroidery machine to highlight my favorite vintage sheets some of which I am down to mere scraps left and I wanted a good way to preserve them in my mind and heart..

This custom embroidery design will be available in the Fall as part of a new whole-cloth quilt pattern (eeek!)  and for straight embroidery download.  I will also be featuring this technique in a class that I will be teaching this Fall here in Chattanooga.

So there..I am totally not sitting on my butt!  ;-)

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