Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chattanooga Spring

There is already a whisper of Summer here in the Chattanooga air and that means some soul crushing heat is on it's way but there is not much you can really whine about after such a glorious Spring.  I swear that my garden has be a hypercharged wonderland of growth this year and what a nice surprise that has been!

Each morning I have been getting up and going out onto the front porch to have my tea.. I can hear the baby birds up in their nest calling to their mama and there are just a few Lilac blooms left on the bushes by the front door that the air is still rather a treat.  All of  this makes it a bit easier to take that the inside of my house is chaos as we are once again back remodeling our 100 year diamond in the rough. Dust, stray boards and a desk sitting in the middle of the kitchen are just just a few of the things that make the front porch the much nicer place to be right now! :)

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