Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let's Hear it for the Boys!

Anyone with boys knows that much past toddler-hood it becomes very difficult to sew for them due to the lack of stylish patterns and fabrics available, but I am happy to say with the latest crop of terrific independant designers that trend is turning around!

I am currently planning on making my two younger boys this terrific pattern, Beach Bum Hoodie and Board Short by, Patterns by Figgy's and I am SO excited about it!  In fact I am so jazzed that I have been working on a mod-square embroidery pattern for it since not only are patterns and fabric for older boys hard to come by so is  trendy but not " cute" embroidery.  Need a ducky or a bunny? problem, but something for the over 8 set and things start getting a bit more difficult!

I will say that this pattern is not for beginners but it does feature sewing instructions for creating the pattern with alll encased seams making this  perfect for chidren with touch sensitivities. You can also just sew this the quick and easy way so it's perfect for lots of different kids!

Soon as it's done I promise to give you a peek! And the mod-square will soon be posted up as a freebie so keep a watch for that.

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figgys said...

Love the squares! I can't wait to see these!!!