Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever...

Indeed.... with a nod ( or is that apologies?) to the Beatles it is indeed Strawberry Fields Forever, the newest release from Fresh Thread Studio's. This pin cushion duo is ready to make your life a bit easier and a lot cuter!
Easy to make with options for the 4 inch hoop and making the wrist strap in or out of the hoop there is nothing stopping you from making these for everyone in your sewing circle! ( Start now and think Christmas!)

Here I have used a most wonderful cotton velvet rescued from a lowley thrift shop dress but you could also use, velour, or even a nice wool felt if the spirit moved you.  But if you can do find the cotton velvet, it feels divine to wear about your wrist. I am ordering more from Denver Fabrics who seem to have a nice collection of colors including pink!... Pink stawberries..they will be divine!

 The second part of this dynamic duo is this strawberry dangle version which is just  right to tie on where ever you might need a place to park some pins.  As you see I have one tied right to the front of my machine and there is another tied to my sewing basket. Heck you could even stuff them with a bit of lavender and pop them in a drawer..they are just that cute.

The files will but up for sale at the end of this week and Linda Palmer please drop me a line since you were right on the money with your guess that I had a strawberry themed idea in mind.  You win one of the stawberry dangles to hang from your very own machine!


lpalmer7 said...

Hi Maddie - I will look forward to receiving my Strawberry Dangle. Can't belive no one else made a guess. I guessed strawberries because I had just picked up a 1/2 flat from the strawberry patch.

Linda Palmer

Anonymous said...

These little beauties would be great on a Christmas tree!