Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Stitch is Almost Here!

Summer Stitch- A hedonistic stitching/crafting/feathering of my nest free-for-all where I sew the things I want for myself and my home without a bit of guilt about things I could be making for other people. Three months of pampering myself with the sweet things that I usually give away to other people. Taking " me time" each day to recharge my creative batteries amid trips to the pool and the library, melted ice-pops and mosquito bites and I invite you to join me.

My start date is June 1st but I will admit to jumping the gun a little bit and making this swanky new quilted camera strap ( seen in the photo) for my daily-use Fuji and I have another one planned for my big mac daddy DSLR Cannon that I really should use more often!

So join me if this idea appeals to you. Swipe my button over there to the side and post it up on your own blog and then link back here so we can swap ideas and blog visits, inspiration and guilt free encouragement to put ourselves first for just a bit of time each day!

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Ashley said...

I LOVE my camera strap cover I made and have even sold a few at Chattanooga Market. They are not only a great way dress up that plain jane strap but make them a little more comfy as well. Hope you enjoy yours!