Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Talking Dirty here at Fresh Thread

While I will admit that I am no "Swedish housekeeper" I do like to have clean laundry that is really clean so like everyone else on the planet I bought into the idea of the front loading washer. Well my dears.. let me say that my front loader is anything but clean and it seems that I am not alone!

It seems that these well touted wonderkids of the laundry world hide a dirty little secret... they harbor mold, dirt and grease under the rubber door gasket and each time you wash anything  that ooze is floating back over your clothing and your precious fabric that you took the time to prewash!

In fact this is how I first found this dirty little problem. I went to wash some white quilting fabric that come out much less white then when it went in!  It was dim.. and a bit sad looking and this had me perplexed since it was washed alone.

So with flashlight in hand I stuck my head in my dear front loader only to scream in horor... black mold and the creature from the black lagoon  icky slimy dirt were in good supply under that tidy and thick rubber gasket that keeps water from flowing back out of the machine.

A quick Google search later  ( what did we do before Google??..really I ask you..what?) and I found out that that I need not feel like the BIGGEST failure on earth since this has been reported THOUSANDS of times to the makers of these machines with no resolution from them in sight.

But fear not... if after your inspection of your washer gasket you too find yourself plagued with things unspeakable  it's icky but easy to get things back in shape.

  1,2, 3 Mr. Clean sponges later and you  will be on your way to cleaner laundry. After the wipe down  under the gasket and the door and the rim then run a GALLON of white vinegar in your machine on the hottest water you can get in there then run it with just plain water.. and then if you are a real wack job run some bleach  ( yes I know bleach is BADDDDD fact I even had to go buy a bottle since I don't keep it in the house but drastic times call for drastic measures!) 

I think I might just sleep better tonight and I wish the same for you!


Robyn - Coffee and Cotton said...

I have a non-agitating top a front loader only on top? Anyway, It does the same smelly attack. I make sure to run the "clean washer" cycle at least once a month. I hear front loaders need a bleach only wash cycle done every now and then too. I hate bleach. I wonder if vinegar would be as effective? I think I miss my old washer just like women before us missed their wringer-washers.

Tara said...

I have had the same problem with my LG washer. I now keep the washer door open when not in use & clean it once a month with Tide washing machine cleaner. I used to clean the gunk out by hand, but no longer need to since I started using the Tide washing machine cleaner. It is a wonderful product, funny coming from me since I am not a fan of Tide detergent.


Maddie said...

Ok... Washer Wash added to shopping list! and yes the vinegar seems to help but what a pain!