Thursday, May 27, 2010

Heads up Thread Lovers!

Just a shout out to those who have a Hancock Fabrics in their area ( not to be confused with Handcocks of Paducah, which is much nicer but not near me!)  On Memorial Day and that day only they will be having 1/2 price on their ENTIRE stock of thread. Not just the Coats and Clark, but the Mettler and Gutermann and Sulky.  I just stocked up the other day but have already blown through 4 whole big spools with all the quilting I have been doing.  While not adverse to C&C which I often use for craft projects I tend to got for Mettler and Gutermann when it come to quilting or making good clothing, it just seems to run a bit beter in my machines.   As a note all the machince needles and quilting mats and cutters will also be 50% off so if you are in need now is time to crack open that piggy bank and go for it!

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