Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Watch the Birdie~

Why is it that we put off some of the most simple projects for so long?  Case in point.. the cover for this bird cage.  For 2 years now.. yes, 2 years  this poor bird has been put to bed each night with all variety of bathtowels, sofa throws and the occasional piece of dirty laundry draped over her cage since I had not gotten around to making a cover.    But now she is living   sleeping in style with this new cover made from a length of  what I think is Amy Bulter fabric.. and think it's called Lotus. 

   To score more birdie-browine points I am even going to embroider her name on the front...perhaps then she will quite dumping her whole seed cup out onto the floor each day, since I am sure this was some form of protest having to due to the lack of a proper night cover!

For those wondering how I made it.. there is no rocket science involved ( good to know huh?).  I took a large piece of the fabric and draped it over the cage with the print side down. I then used straight pins to pin away the excess fabric following the contours of the cage.  I then trimmed away the excess fabric and  sewed up the seams. I then refined the fit a bit and and cut open a slit on the front panel which I then self lined with a bit of bias I made from the left over fabric. The strap has a small snap on it and that holds the flap closed at night Easy Peasy It was a 1 hour project start to finish and I now feel like a fool that I did not do it 2 years ago!


Robyn - Coffee and Cotton said...

That is one fashionable Bird! Lucky Duck...uh...I mean Bird

Justine said...

Very cute Maddie. My DD has been bugging me to do the same for her canaries. Maybe I should just send her to your page and tell her to do it herself - I'll be happy to supply the fabric. Justine