Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jumping the Gun Again

Have you ever seen a project that you had to do NOW!.. like this minute, no stoping go, no collecting the $200?  Well this was one for me... and it's adictive.. like crack for seamsters!  It's so easy.. it's pretty cheap and it uses up those fabrics that you must have been out of your mind when you bought not to mention the strips in that jelly roll pack that did not light your fire and you did not know what you were ever going to do with them!

There are 2 major techniques for doing this sort of thing floating out around the internet.. One is the It's  a Wrap series, and the other is the Mrs. Kings Galley Basket Technique.  Both require soft cotton ( or nylon) clothes line and strips of fabric.. and a machine that can zig-zag..thats it!  I have not bought either book or video and just sort of made it up as I went along from what I gleaned from posts that I read all over the  blogosphere.

I think my method is closer to the Mrs. King method since I am basically making tons of piping and then sewing it in a spiral.  I also made a small basket that I have on my desk to hold my keys and my cellphone.. it's was also pretty easy and way cute.  I got my clothes line at my local ACE but I hear tell that you can find it at Walmart for much cheaper and I am thinking you might be able to find it at the $store, but have not checked that out to be sure.  Just make sure it's the soft cotton or nylon kind.. use a sharp new needle and you are good!  When I make another project next week I promise more shots and some more tecnnique if anyone is intersted.  It's a great project to do while watching a movie.. very mellow sewing..and what more would you want during the summer?

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polly said...

I'v e never heard of Mrs King. I tried it's a wrap and just don't like the thready look. It's also alittle hard on my wrists, all the wrapping. I'll have to get on the web and look for something about Mrs King. The piping idea sounds interesting! Thanks for the idea.